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After years of frustration with poor internet service from large companies, Joshua Davies was determined to find a way to bring high-speed internet to the Wrightstown area. He started with a group of early adopters then shortly after founded Ideal Fiber in 2020.

Josh’s goal was to bring high-speed internet to an under served market that had been ignored by the large companies. In the beginning, Ideal Fiber solely offered wireless internet service. The wireless internet service was an improvement from the current service offerings, but would not be a long-term solution.

To provide the best possible internet in the long run and to improve scalability, Ideal Fiber began to construct its Fiber network. Compared to wireless internet, fiber optic reaches further distances, provides faster upload and download speeds, and can withstand weather conditions without downtime.

Ideal Fiber is a locally owned and family-owned business based in Wrightstown, Wisconsin. Josh continues to work closely with his team to extend the fiber network throughout Brown county.


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We deploy, maintain, and utilize the latest technology available. At Ideal Fiber, we continue to keep pushing the edge to serve you better and faster.


Ideal Fiber provides local, affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet to homeowners and businesses in Brown County and the surrounding areas. Our services include wireless internet, fiber internet, managed WiFi, and VoIP phone.
Currently serving the Town of Wrightstown.



310 Meadow Lane
Wrightstown, WI 54180

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